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Dear Dr. Gridlock,

I live on Battery Lane in Bethesda, which was just redone, probably in anticipation of an increase in traffic from the new Walter Reed complex. While the paving and painting is nice, the way things have been mapped out is poor. The driveway from my parking lot at 4890 comes out behind 4900 perpendicular to Battery Lane. With parking now allowed on my side of the street there is a significantly decreased view of traffic coming both from the left and right, where parked cars can now be found. In order to see if you can turn from the driveway onto Battery Lane you have to pull into the street, which without a clear view of the cross traffic, is very dangerous. Also, a bike lane was added on my south side off the street running right next to where the drivers doors of the parked cars open. You could just imagine a driver opening his door and clipping a biker. I really think that a few parking spaces on each side of my driveway exit need to be removed to allow tenants a safe view and exit from our parking lot. I called the MCDOT and spoke with a woman about this. She told me I'd be called by someone to chat about this. Never heard from anyone. HELP!

Thank You,

David Engel
Bethesda, MD


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