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This home has been vacant for at least six years. There is occasional activity as occasionally people come and put stuff in it (in a minivan RIDDLED with Picard stickers) and takes stuff (childrens bikes, etc) out. I'm really not sure what they do there, my best guess is they're using it for storage.

On trash day there's always bags outside, even though no one lives there. It would appear that the trash is not being generated at this residence and is being brought from other locations. As is clearly evident in the attached picture, the roof is failing and I have personally witnessed wildlife entering the home. The attached photo is from when this home was put on the market some months ago, but pretty much tells the story. I know for a fact that I am not the first to complain about this property.

It would be safe to conclude that the owner listed as a "Daniel Rocano" on the vision appraisal site is connected to someone at town hall. Each time a complaint is lodged with town hall in reference to the state of this property, a short time later Daniel/etc show up to do some basic maintenance (lawn mowing/etc) without ever having addressed the real problem. The house is failing, and needs to be examined by building inspectors.

It is certainly pulling down the values of our homes and provides a very real health hazard to the surrounding homes.

I am looking into other ways to get some action on this, but figured I would start here.

If anyone from West Haven Town Hall reads this, please. Please. Do something. We have a great neighborhood. And a lot of wonderful neighbors. Daniel and his dilapidated home are not in standing with the neighborhood, and his lack of consideration has created a potential health hazard for anyone who lives around him.


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