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Who is responsible for trimming back branches, preventative maintenance, and clean up of the parcel of city property at the dead end area at my end(north end) of South Martin Street? I have been very concerned during the past several rain, wind, and thunderstorms storms. Some of the branches extend out in to street and are approaching wires, especially when windy. Others are hovering lower over the street where I turn into my driveway.

This is becoming a safety issue. I know trees are helpful to but a good trimming back of many branches is needed. I reported several time in "SeeClickFix" in the past and nothing was ever done. I am not asking for much since I have lived here 25 years and think it was looked at once. HGE does trim around the street light when I report my concerns but this is in the dead end area where the plows leave all the snow in the winter.

Please address this matter or provide me with a contact person so I can call. I would like it taken care as soon as possible.

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