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On Sundays the Church members at St. Joseph's are out of control with their parking! They park in the bus loading zone, right on the cornor of the cross road of charles and hope ave, handicap parking (and they arent handicap no tag or sticker), half into the cross street at the stop signs, and parking where there is no parking (at the yellow curbs and infront of fire hydrents). Last sunday 2 cars almost got into an accident because they couldnt see around the cornor at the stop sign because of the cars blocking the view AND a little girl was almost hit by a car because of this. The police were called and he wrote a couple tickets but he stated he ran out of tickets but he could have wrote atleast 15 more because of the way they were parked. This happens EVERY sunday and it is out of control. We also got blocked in 2 sundays ago because of the cars parking right onto our car within 2 inches (we measured it) and when we asked them please move so we could leave (we did ask nice as the person was getting out of his car cause we were getting in ours) he said "Sorry no I will be late for church you can wait till I leave in 2 hours after church to get out of your parking spot". I was shocked! Please please please officers do something about this!!!!!!!!!!!!


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