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Retaining Wall Erosion Acknowledged

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At the back of the property, there is a retaining wall that helps support the hillside where homes are perched above. A section of this wall has been in disrepair for many years, and in the rainstorms of the past month, it has eroded significantly. I am notifying you because I feel this change has escalated this issue from being an eyesore to presenting a danger to multiple properties in the neighborhood. The erosion has left a section of the fence for the property above entirely unsupported, making that potion of their yard unsafe. Future storms could easily erode the slope further, potentially damaging their building. Additionally, it is now far more likely for this erosion to spread along the entirety of the retaining wall, endangering other houses on the hillside above. I have emailed the company that I believe manages the property about this issue (cc'd Malden DPW), but wanted to make sure the right people from the City are aware. Thanks!

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