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Radio's at full volume with car doors open and music blasting. Dog's barking from Elm City Housing End Unit/ lets the little dog out to do his business dog at the same time a older women is walking to the bus at the same time (one day a speeding cars may do harm to her). other problem is Exit 50 off 95 going to Fern Ave is making it a speed raceway for cars and little power bikes Camera need to be added to corner of Fulton and Forbes and Fern. Alderman of this FINE city-fix the house bring GLAMOUR BACK TO NEW HAVEN GET RENTERS WHO HAVE PRIDE IN THE HOUSE THEY LIVE IN AND STOP TRASHING IT WITH THE NON-SENSE. As the list of infractions for this area goes on goes on and on. POLICE TAKE NOTICE OF (FREEWAY FULTON AVE AND HOUSE 60) NEEDS ACTION NOW. How long will this be allowed to continue. The bad behavior of these men at Fulton Street needs to be stopped police are called when the noise goes past 10:30 the bad part of this nonsense is these boys drink real heavy and trash the front lawn with beer bottles and broken glass..Now they are drunk and the start of spinning of tires up and down the street- you are grown men they need to stop or be stop of that behavior..If the police will take notice all the tags on the car are from Maine, Pa, Mass..makes you want wonder?? someone is going to get hurt or even killed behind this out of control behavior and the sad part of this is the house rents rooms and you can see Children running around when this is going on and the worse is the building is owned by a NEW HAVEN ALDERMAN.. I guess it is true hold a position and you dont have to give a dammmmmm. i UNDERSTAND PEOPLE NEED A PLACE TO LIVE...BUT I DONT BRING MY DIRY LAUNDRY TO YOUR HOUSE SO WHY DO I HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC....HELP FULTON STREET LIVE.............

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