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I live on a hill that creates a very dangerous blind spot. There is no speed limit/children playing/speed bump to calm the speeding cars. I have almost been hit 3 times by speeding cars on the hill. I have witnessed a group of children on bikes almost hit by speeding cars. I have had to push my stroller onto the grass to avoid a speeding car. Someone is going to be seriously injured or worse if this is not addressed ASAP. Ryan Homes has built 3 new homes on my street and a new development at the end of the street which has increased traffic flow, bringing in people from out of the neighborhood who are not aware that children and families walk around constantly. These drivers are dangerous and I fear for the safety of my neighbors, my children, and myself. I'm requesting speed bumps at the top and bottom of the hill to please stop the speeding cars and eventually save life or limb.

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