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Property owner consistently violates Parking Ordinance 7.1.3.C. 1 – Personal Vehicles – No more than four (4) vehicles may be located in the street yard.

The property owner has 4 of his own vehicles – 3 BMW cars and 1 Dodge pick- up truck parked on the property. These vehicles all have OHIO rear license plates but are missing the front OHIO plates. OHIO requires both a front and rear plate.

In addition, there are also 2 tenant vehicles (a white SUV and a yellow jeep) and also a back SUV with a North Carolina license plate which belongs to the property owner’s visitor.

There is also a boat on a trailer with an expired registration (08/2013) and a car transport trailer.

While some of the vehicles leave during the day, they are all there early morning and back early evening.

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A. Multiple Boats/RV's

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