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$7,000 of Tax Payer's Money Wasted Acknowledged

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As per http ://

"Effective April 18, 2013, The City of Red Deer will no longer be using SeeClickFix as an online problem reporting tool".

Interesting isn't it..............considering..............

On March 26, 2013 the advocate advised the following:
"The city is evaluating the pilot program to determine whether it is the right fit. The city pays an annual licence fee of about $7,000. The See Flick Fix option replaced Report-a-Problem on the city’s website in mid-August." This was advised in the red deer advocate:

In fact it was only the last couple of months (4-6 weeks) that the city of red deer actually utilitized this pilot project and the see click fix website with any type of standardized response , routine, and structure, although the advocate says the city was using this website since august 2012.

Hey isn't august 2012 is when the bike lanes were installed. I wish council would make the same decision so quickly and fast about the bike lanes as they did about see click fix.

So so very sad to waste more of tax payers money so frivolously. A waste of $7,000 of taxpayers money on see click fix over such a short period of time it actually utilized it.

But aren't we use to such wasteful ways -- i.e. $80,000 on bike lanes and the costs are still rising!

p.s. I think if you ask red deerians they would say that see click fix has been a very positive means of communication with the city of red deer. I know I think it has.


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