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noise complaint


There is some inconsiderate jerk who rides his extremely loud motorcycle around this neighborhood (Main st and Fairlawn, Wedgemere, Rosemont, Kenmore and Autumn) at the worst hours. He woke up the neighborhood this morning at 4 am and again just before 6 am. He usually heads left on Main st towards Melrose but sometimes heads into Malden. This is extremely frustrating and is interrupting quality of life in this neighborhood. I understand he’s allowed to ride his motorcycle but there have to be laws against making so much noise with it all the time. He’s too fast for me when I run outside to try to confront him. Can the police set up something to get a hold of him and explain that there are people with jobs in this area who need to sleep at night? I’m also sure that people with young kids don’t appreciate this jerk interfering with them getting a full night’s sleep. This has gone on for a while now, something has to be done.

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