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the concrete block city way station that sits prominently in the waterfront view at this intersection has always been an eyesore. It now is intolerable due to the ugly chain link fence surrounding it that has EMERGENCY ORANGE paint? on it leading the eye to the bright blue PORTALET facing the traffic that uses Blossom Way, Serpentine Circle and Serpentine Drive and is surrounded by 1,2,3, or 4 city trucks parked there for long periods of time with personnel inside doing whatever. It is a blight on the neighborhood and the waterfront view that we wish you would relocate. A canopy of vines totally covering the fence or huge solid and tall hedges/ shrubs hiding the ugly installation and blending in with the wooded area as well as the elimination of the group meetings would help if nothing else will be considered. Empty lots adjacent to the station are not saleable cause who wants to live next door to that?

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