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Right-of-Way Maintenance


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traffic, tree, overgrowth


Not really about overgrown, this is about the lost opportunity to beautify our traffic circles WITHOUT blocking the views of what's behind them. Two ways, blocking either the architecture or the street behind. Shown is just one example of trying to fill a circle, but (if successful) would block the view to the Cade Museum — not very tourist friendly to do that. Some palms died, but a live oak was added right in the viewline, too. Instead of filling every circle with plant life, which blends in with backgrounds in other locations, please consider architectural shapes like obelisks, arches, columns, lighthouses, sculptures, etc to show drivers they need to slow down. Well lit at night as well. I think filling circles with only trees and bushes blends in with backgrounds sometimes, and new residents or tourists won't slow down in time. Since this is a new and cost related idea, perhaps local arts patrons or nearby businesses could sponsor the non-plant roundabout markers?

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Q. Please identify the type of maintenance needed.
A. Overgrown Grass / Weeds

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