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signs, road safety


I cross the W Huron St and 7th St intersection everyday and I am worried one day I will get run over because the drivers do not seem to pay any attention to the pedestrians. Because the intersection is at an angle the drivers turning onto Huron St from 7th do not pay any attention to the pedestrians crossing Huron. Yesterday I started crossing Huron right as light turned green for me and had to wait in the middle of the intersection, because the cars turning into Huron would not stop for me. The cars were going to fast that if I tried to walk I was scared I would get run over. I ended up having to run as the light for me turned red before I was able to finish crossing Huron. One time a driver started yelling at me when I was crossing on the green light and they were the ones supposed to wait on me to cross. There is a school near by and I worry about the safety of the kids I see walking to and from school as well. I feel like the intersections is just getting more and more dangerous and the drivers drive way faster than the 35mph speed limit, and so there should be something done (additional light to people turning left, speed meter, another speed sign) to make this intersection safer.


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