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Snow/Ice on Sidewalks


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The owner of the gas station on the corner of Main St and Forest has not shoveled a single time all winter. Multiple complaints on this same exact issue have been filed via this site all winter, and we've received multiple responses such as "snow has been cleared" after it has melted, and "the owner of the property has been cited".

This intersection is already pretty dangerous for pedestrians (see and this sidewalk not being shoveled makes it even worse. Pedestrians are forced to walk in the road on Forest St when coming to or from Main St, at the risk of being hit by cars making a fast turn. This is a heavily trafficked intersection for both cars and pedestrians due to Oak Grove MBTA so close.

At what point will the city actually put value to the safety of pedestrians? The property owner can receive thousands of dollars in citations each year, but that doesn't make the snow go away if they just ignore it.

Malden, please, think about the safety of your citizens!!!

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