Traffic and Parking signage/signal issue Closed

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Streets: Traffic and Parking signage/signal issue


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The No Parking signs were taking down and not replaced, along Marin, by the entrance to the PATH. It is creating a very dangerous situation. Cars are pulling out to get back into Marin stopping the traffic flow. Cars are pulling over, especially livery cars, with little or no notice and also stopping the flow of traffic. At least two times as I was driving in Marin crossing Christopher Columbus, in the lane to go straight, cars driving in the left turn lane cut me off to get in front of me pushing me over to park. I’ve seen a car who was parked do a U-Turn right out their parking spot as well. It makes it difficult to be able to travel safely down Marin and keep the traffics flowing efficiently. I’ve seen multiple tickets opened here about it and the response was that the signs will go back up when the left turn lane is out back. If the signs were up before the construction started they should be replaced as people are parking for free and causing a very dangerous situation.

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