Bus Lanes on Fr. Capodanno Open

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I'm not sure how to have this issue resolved and I used the address on Fr. Capodanno just as a reference.

The morning rush hour on Fr. Capodanno sees a number of cars not only using the bus lanes but flying down it on the way to the bridge when there is heavy traffic. This morning a woman in a Jeep went flying (had to be about 50 mph) and then nearly swiped my car at the area of the adult home on the hill. Nearly took my side off. She rolls down her window to tell me it's ok since she's a doctor then call me a vulgar name. The amount of cars illegally using the bus lanes is outrageous and someone is going to get into a serious accident or a pedestrian seriously hurt. Surely a police car or two enforcing the bus lane ban shouldn't be a difficult thing to do several days a week. I don't know how else to bring this to someone's attention. It's really dangerous and I've nearly been hit several times as I am certain is the case with a lot of other drivers/pedestrians.

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