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Yesterday, 6/16/13, at approximately 950am, while driving on Blake Street, I encountered a child, no more than 6 years old, riding a mini "toy" dirtbike, all over Blake - in the middle of the road, as well as on the sidewalks. No guardian could be located. Now let's be clear, when I say "toy," I do not mean some plastic play bike that a child might be required to pedal or Flintstone. I mean a miniature motorized dirtbike - simply a smaller version of the dirtbikes we frequently see on New Haven's streets and roads.

Again - this was a YOUNG CHILD, not a teen! Unsupervised, but even if the child had been supervised, what kind of guardian/parent allows their kid to ride something tiny like this in the middle of the road??? The safety issues are harrowing for drivers, as well as for this poor child, who just thinks he's "playing," and who has no doubt seen all of the dirtbikers "having fun" riding. This is how dirtbikers and ATV'ers are influencing our very young children.

Does anyone living on Blake or surrounding streets know this child and their parent?


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