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This property has many parked vehicles blocking the roadway on NW 36th Avenue EVERY day for months now. I believe they have received citations or notices from the City regarding disabled vehicles on the street in the past as I have seen stickers on some of the parked cars. Some (not all) of the vehicles that are currently parked on the side of the road are inoperable (mechanic work being performed IN the street).

This creates a dangerous situation when vehicles turn onto NW 36th Avenue from NW 6th Street and other vehicles traveling at the same time heading West on NW 36th Avenue meet at that intersection with only enough room for one vehicle to get by. When this happens one car must pull into a residential driveway or drive their vehicle in reverse just so one car can pass. If a driver stops short when turning onto NW 36th Avenue from NW 6th Street (because they see a road block/traffic jam ahead) this could cause an accident on NW 6th where other unaware drivers going 40+ mph are not expecting to come to a complete stop to wait for the traffic to clear on NW 36th Avenue.

TLDR - The property owner is using NW 36th Avenue as their own personal driveway for when they have visitors.

also asked...
Q. What day(s) of the week do you notice the parking issue?
A. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Q. What time frame do you notice the parking issue? [Ex: 10-11PM or 12-1AM]
A. All day and night. There is never a time when a vehicles isn't blocking the roadway.
Q. Please provide a general description of the vehicle.
A. Multiple vehicles- mostly pickup trucks, but if varies from day to day.
Q. Have you also called the Police Non-Emergency phone line?
A. No

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