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Macon-Bibb County

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S-WASTE: Debris | Limbs | Yard Clippings | Bulky Waste

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trash, animal problem

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We are home all the time, we have a lot more waste and for the last three weeks they’ve only picked up two carts. All three carts were issued by the city. Why are they only picking up two? There is no yard waste only household trash, can someone please come pick it up? If dogs get to it, there will be a huge litter issue that I don’t want.

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Hỏi. Size of debris - pile - bulky pick up?
Đáp. Small (It will fit in back of GMC Canyon\Chevrolet Colorado\Nissan Frontier\Toyota Tacoma)
Hỏi. How many bags of leaves?
Đáp. none all household trash
Hỏi. Where is the debris? We can not go onto private property.
Đáp. Debris on the curb or in the street

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