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i have been dealing with incredibly inconsiderate upstairs neighbors since day one this has been a reoccurring problem since they moved in which was November 2019 throughout the day and night i hear loud disruptive running around and banging noises especially between the hours of 9pm and lasting up until 5/6am
i have also talked to them in a civil manner about the situation multiple times, eventually the lady mentioned that one of her kids has autism, but it is not an excuse. to a certain extent yes i understand but when i hear loud noises coming from every single room in the house between (9pm-5am) do not use your autistic child as an excuse for the noise.
they continue to be incessantly loud at unreasonable times and i am tired of having to tolerate the rudeness of my neighbors. the children are banging and running around aggresively between the hours of 9pm-5am throughout the entire home. any room i am in there is either loud tv noise ,children jumping, running, and screaming i can’t escape anywhere in my own home (why pay rent when you can’t even get some sleep). you pay for the leisure of peace and quiet in your home.
there is also a cat that they neglect and allow outside when it’s cold or extremely hot to the point where the cat is excessively meowing throughout the day/night i can’t get any peace and quiet in this home ever and there should be laws for first floor tenants that they should not have to succumb to disruptive neighbors. i would also like to add that there’s only me and a roommate on the first floor while there’s 5/6 people living above us this should definitely be a huge part of the law! logically; common sense wise don’t allow families above people who are either a couple or an individual it makes no sense! at least offer to switch apartments before allowing them to move like accommodate your community.
they also litter outside the home and the kids have destroyed the back porch i have also received complaints from surrounding neighbors about the kids throwing large rocks on top of someone’s storage unit along with trash in there backyard.
for a simple request of daily peace i shouldn’t have to ring there doorbell at 3am to tell them that there kids are running around keeping me up. it is ridiculous and i would really appreciate any extra assistance to resolve this issue. please don’t refer me to the APD LT-NEU. i feel sorry for anyone who’s going to have to deal with one of the worst neighbors/tenants.

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Q. What type of noise are you reporting?
A. Other
Q. Please briefly describe the situation and where the noise is coming from (ex: inside, outside, car, etc.)
A. upstairs neighbors
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A. Yes


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