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Dear Street Maintenance Manager,

I reported this issue on April 5th (see ticket 9651643). You closed the ticket with following comment:

"The Department of Public Works has resolved this request. Thanks for helping to keep Burlington a great place to live and work."

The drain is still clogged and causes the water to collect again. The issue was never resolved, and it appears the drain was never flushed.

This creates a big puddle that makes it difficult to use the bike lane. Pedestrians coming down the drive are being sprayed by the cars. This is also a reoccurring issue. See the tickets

You may want to reconsider your future responses if you want citizen of Burlington to utilize the SeeClickFix app. In particular, I was asking in the comment if the drain has been flushed. I never received a response. I am frustrated that the ticket 9651643 was closed without making an effort to resolve the issue. I understand that there limited resources and it may take a while until a issue is resolved, but pretending issues do not exist is helpful for anybody in the city.

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Q. What is the area of your concern?
A. Catch Basin/Storm Drain

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