• Aberdeen Ave & Mt Auburn St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    When heading east on Mt. Auburn St., turning left onto Aberdeen Ave. north, the traffic signal by Nick's Gas has no yellow light for vehicles taking the left turn, the green arrow just turns off. The sequence goes: [left green arrow, solid red (for straight)] -> [solid red]. Has been like this for at least a couple weeks now.
  • Pothole Archived
    31-47 Belmont St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Cambridge
    Very deep pothole at the edge of Belmont St, across from Santarpio's.
  • Huron Ave & Rt-16 Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    Two drivers blatantly ran the red light heading south, while the pedestrian light was on. Yeah, yeah, state property, state jurisdiction. Our city though. Come on, Cambridge. Through the lack of enforcement we are empowering the drivers to keep doing this everywhere. I don't know what the solution is, but I know it's not an easy one.
    By the way, I'm not anti-cars, 90% of the time I'm a driver myself but this red-light-running stuff seems to be getting worse. This road is even getting onto social media/reddit: (video has been deleted but illustrates my point)
  • Fresh Pond Pkwy & Rt-16 Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    Driver ACCELERATED through a red light when the pedestrian light was already on. "Ain't nobody got time for red lights around here"
  • 515 Concord Avenue Cambridge Massachusetts - Cambridge

    During evening rush-hour a full-size bus was blocking this intersection. There were 4 people crossing at the time: 1 on foot, 2 with bikes, one with stroller. Can you imagine what it feels like to attempt to go around the bus, jump the 1-foot curb, and make it to the other side while every single driver here is already antsy and impatient from sitting in the massive jam, hovering their foot over the gas pedal? And I'm talking making this on foot - forget about carrying your bike or god forbid a stroller with a child over that curb.

    Emailed to DCR again.

  • 1 Belmont Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridge
    Tuesday, 9:15am. Waiting for 2 light cycles at Belmont St and Mt. Auburn (not too bad actually), counted 5 vehicles drive straight eastbound in the bus lane on Mt. Auburn St., 3 vehicles turn left from Belmont to Mt. Auburn - one blatantly disregarded the markings, two left the left-lane queue to go around in the bus lane because the queue was not moving given a green light.
  • 1 Belmont Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Watertown

    The new right turn only lane from Belmont St. to Mt. Auburn St. is absurdly useless.

    First, there's no advance warning, so by the time drivers notice it, it's already too late for them to change lanes so they just barrel on left.

    Second, there's no incentive for the drivers to not turn left. The dashed striping guides them through the intersection (though few manage to stay in their lane correctly) into their own lane awaiting them on Mt. Auburn.

    Third, turning from the left lane only and staying in the left lane on Mt. Auburn has a disadvantage of getting stuck behind cars turning left to Star Market or Homer Ave. If not that, then having to change lanes anyway if not turning left on Aberdeen.

    While waiting for the pedestrian lamp this morning (not even at rush hour), I counted 12 vehicles go through the right-turn-only lane. 11 of them went left - 4 at a high rate of speed, 1 ran a red light.

  • 621 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    Really appreciate the bike lane and the new configuration with Brattle St. here, biking feels much safer now. However, it is now much harder and more dangerous to merge into traffic from a separate lane if there are vehicles stopped in the lane, which happens quite often with both taxis but more so with Uber/Lyft cars. Perhaps a large "NO STOPPING, drive around the block" sign would help?
  • 513 Massachusetts 2 Cambridge Massachusetts - Cambridge

    Can the city please lobby the state to install a raised crossing here with "DO NOT BLOCK" signs?

    1. The yellow light doesn't appear to be timed for the 40mph speeds with which vehicles ultimately go through here when they try to beat the light. This results in them crossing the crosswalk after the pedestrian light is on. Change things so vehicles can't go faster than the actual 25mph speed limit.

    2. With a very narrow path between very tall curbs it is extremely difficult to navigate through here if cars are blocking the path - especially for people with bikes and strollers. One has to either lift the stroller/bike over the curb - taking care not to collide with other people crossing, or wait for cars to clear and potentially get stuck on the roadway when the light turns.

    I will send a link to this to DCR as well.

  • 565 Huron Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    Every morning that I am here I see at least one person go eastbound on Huron through a red light or a very, very late yellow. Usually it happens at a high rate of speed because the commuters are trying to 'beat' the light.
    This morning I witnessed a driver going through on green at what I judged to be about 40mph, not even bothering to slow down. A few seconds later another driver blew through a red light at about 40mph, not even a hint of braking. Neither of these seemed like a very safe thing to do at this intersection.
    Given that the speed limit on this road has been dropped to 25mph, and this road being a pretty obvious bypass of Fresh Pond Parkway backups, may I suggest that the city consider adding traffic calming measures to discourage drivers from speeding.
  • 513 Concord Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridge

    I was a passenger in a car headed westbound on 16 and witnessed the following scenario (which I've often seen play out at crosswalks).
    1. Minivan in right lane slows down and stops - at red light, plus pedestrians are crossing.
    2. Vehicle behind it - silver Kia, MA plate 6HX 718 - swerves into the left lane cutting off the car behind it
    3. The Kia proceeds to run the light at least 2 seconds after it turned red - with the pedestrian HALF WAY through the intersection - the car came within 6 feet of the person whose line of sight was blocked by the minivan in the right lane.

    Vehicles run/block this crossing all the time, whether intentionally or because they don't see the light, doesn't matter. This is a very unsafe crossing, something needs to be done - raised crosswalk, etc.

  • 691 Huron Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridge
    The newly installed crossing flashing light on the golf course side is no longer facing traffic, the whole assembly is turned ~45 degrees.
  • Concord Turnpike Arlington, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    At the merge of Alewife Brook Parkway and Rt2 - eastbound - traffic frequently ignores the red light because of backups in the morning, figuring that since traffic is moving slowly and they've waited long enough, they are entitled to run the red light.
  • Pothole Archived
    58-64 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    Pothole in middle of the road on Aberdeen Ave - right across from the pull-in for Aberdeen Lofts
  • Pothole Archived
    172 Alewife Brook Parkway Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    A gaggle of 4 or 5 vicious potholes preying on unsuspecting drivers southbound between Cambridgepark and Rindge
  • Pothole Archived
    93 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    Several potholes in the vicinity of the bus stop. Not a duplicate of
  • 513 Concord Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridge
    Signal flashing yellow to vehicles; pedestrians unable to cross.
  • Pothole Archived
    58-64 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    Pothole in front of library
  • 565 Huron Avenue Cambridge Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    Vehicles quite often ignore the no right turn on red sign in the mornings when turning from Huron onto Aberdeen. There are two traffic lights here, one for cars going straight, one for cars turning right. Perhaps the "No Turn On Red" sign should be moved to the right turn signal pole.
    Cars often run the red light going straight as well.
  • Alewife Station Access Road Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    The crossing signal for the Alewife Linear Path - near the bridge - isn't working. The button on the station side does nothing and the other side looks taped over/vandalized.