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  • 12404 42nd Ave S Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila

    Speeding and reckless driving through out all hours.
    Stop reassigning this to avoid having Tukwila police enforce traffic laws.
    I will continue to report this over and over again until the conditions change.

    I see it everyday working at this store on the corner of 42nd/124th Ave.

    Do I need to really go out of my way , I can always upload a short video to prove this is a serious issue.

  • Illegal Parking Archivado
    4504 S 124th St Seattle, WA, 98178, USA - Tukwila

    I noticed an SUV parked on the side of my house , it's been there 3 days. I have a suspicion it's stolen and was dumped there . I didn't see who was driving it , I also don't think it's an emergency so I am just using this to report it. If Tukwila PD needs my ID , I am working right down the street from my house @ 12404 42nd AVE S. 98168.

    I close this store so I will be here until I have to close @ 8:00 pm in a few hours , otherwise you can knock on my door since the car is parked on the side of my house . - Thanks

  • 12400 42nd Ave S Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila

    I operate this business on the corner of 42nd/124th South. I have reported this issue in the past , and TPD did their jobs and basically sent traffic cops / motorcycle officers down here to enforce traffic laws.(I appreciate this.) However, it's a persistent issue and I am making this report due to the fact I had a deaf woman almost get struck in the parking lot because of someone cutting through , (this is common.) She went out of her way to communicate with me , and wrote down what had happened and basically wanted me to do something about it since this matter would require her going to the TPD resource center and using sign language or doing what she did earlier and merely writing out a report.

    Traffic is ridiculous here regardless if they are cutting the parking lot or not, maybe 2/10 vehicles come to a full stop , the majority barely yield and coast right through. I know TPD is good at enforcing traffic but this is something they shouldn't have to baby sit , this is a three-way stop , it's time for the city to step up and simply install regular traffic signals and have them camera enforced. Whoever thought that simply installing a stop sign with LED lighting was very naive , all they did was waste money and changed nothing. Thanks in advance for reading this. I included an edited map , the colored lines represent speeding, and reckless driving / cutting the corner via the businesses parking lot.

  • 12404 42nd Ave S Tukwila, WA 98168, Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila

    I work at this store, I am constantly interrupting individuals that appear to be doing hand to hand transactions when I am there.I don't call the police because it's a waste of their time considering they will be gone shortly. This business does not have cameras on that side of the building, they commonly occur on the North West side of the building,in those few spaces to park next to the dumpsters.

    I don't record license plates because how would you prove what they did without catching them in the act?
    The police are doing their job,they have great response time although I rarely have to call them.I actually go out of my way to mediate any issues so they don't need to get involved because they have much more important things to respond to.

    However,I just ask for a little sign of community policing.They are probably in unmarked cars in this neighborhood,but they never just come into that business unless its to use the restroom,they don't seem to want to interact with any business owners/employees. I understand,they deal with the worst examples of humanity on a daily basis,but I am simply just asking for a patrol to come around during the later hours of the evening,obviously you know that this area changes when it gets dark,and as someone who works there i'd appreciate it. - Thanks

  • 12404 42nd Ave S Tukwila WA 98168, Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila

    You guy's claimed to have solved this issue when I reported it before,all you did was run me around and say you had traffic enforcement out there,the entire day,...when you didn't.

    Can you stop bullshitting around,and actually fix the problem? I see numerous close calls,and no one ever stops at this intersection usually.I won't allow you to dodge this issue again.And if you do,it will be proven that your aware of the problem,and failed to fix it.I work in that store,couldn't be any closer to the problem.I am 24,you're lucky I am even willing to report this BS.

  • 12404 42nd Ave S Tukwila, WA 98168, Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila

    I work at Allentown Superette,and I live down the street at 4504...
    Whenever I see a cop in between my house,and my short walk to work....
    I try and approach one of your unapproachable officers,and I respectfully and clearly notify them about the severe issues at this stop light,outside of the store.

    All 3 of them told me they would look into it,and that was all.

    Look,I knew Chief Haynes,my grandfather was Renton PD.
    Either my valid concerns aren't being taken as credible,or I'm not being taken serious based on my appearance ....
    Oh,and since I work in that store,it would be nice if the officers actually went out of their way to come talk to me,it's called community outreach. Anyways,enough of the @#$%.Please enforce traffic laws on this corner,I'm tired of people cutting the corner wal running the light,and almost hitting someone trying to park @ the store.Let alone people just trying to cross the street,at all 3 of the crosswalks that are on 124th.

    4518 where the last crosswalk near the community center is,is also my families house.NO ONE stops for anyone trying to cross.It's @#$% up having to watch OLD people have to RUN across the @#$% cross walk. -