Stefan Merkl

Classificação: Cruzado Cívico Pontos Cívicos: 295
  • 1 Beach Road Sarasota Beach, FL 34242, United States of America - Siesta Key
    The Handicap Parking Only Sohn is missing.
  • Pothole Arquivado
    2741-2747 Stanley Pl Sarasota, FL 34239, USA - Southgate
    There's a big dip with circular cracks surrounding it in the roadway on Shade Ave, right at the entrance to Stanley Place. A neighbor seems to think that there is a broken pipe underneath it that slowly caves in and brings down the road.
  • Old Oak Drive & Siesta Drive Sarasota, Florida - Granada
    I like to go for walks over to Siesta Key, and on the corner of Old Oak Drive and Siesta Drive have to cross from one side of the street to the other, as the sidewalk ends on the north side of Siesta Drive heading west and continues on the south side of Siesta Drive once one passes Old Oak Drive. Unfortunately there is no formal crossing there to do so safely, and with the large volume of traffic, it is a quite dangerous intersection for pedestrians. I'd like to request a formal pedestrian crossing with proper signage and street painting, as the curbs of the side walk have even been designed for a crossing already. Attached are photos of the current situation. Thanks for considering my request, as this would greatly help making this intersection more pedestrian and bike friendly!