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  • 745 Dudley St Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    Rainbow never shovels the sidewalk in front of their business except at the entry. The path is so narrow that one Uphams Corner resident fell yesterday. Anyone coming towards you has to wait because two people cannot fit. Rainbow also does not shovel on the side of the building.
  • 554-562 Columbia Rd Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    An unnamed company (van unmarked) is doing demolition on the building from 554-562 Columbia Rd (owned by Nick Verenis). They are removing the "signage" area up top which is leaning forward. They have completely blocked the sidewalk and they say they have a permit but no permit is on display.
  • 600 Columbia Rd Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    Please plant a tree in front of 600 Columbia Rd. Has been identified as a "low canopy" area of the city
  • 49-53 Hancock St Boston, MA - North Dorchester

    At 11am, there were two cars parked in the MBTA bus stop on Hancock St close to Whittemore (#1,2 below). At 7pm they were still parked there and a 3rd car (#3 below) was parked behind them, now fully blocking the bus stop. An MBTA official stated that bus drivers are supposed to notify the police. And how many BPD cars have driven past here without doing anything?

    1. Camry XLE MA 655 JG2
    2. Acura 199 MA 199 GH7
    3. BMW 323i MA 9NK 350

  • 32 Monadnock St Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    The front yard of #32 Monadnock St is not being maintained. It is full of 3' high weeds.
  • 17 Virginia St Boston, MA - North Dorchester

    About a month ago, I was walking down Virginia St towards Dudley. Out from #17 Virginia St came two dogs unleashed. This is not the first time I have seen these dogs running loose on the street. According to neighbors, the owner lets the dogs out without a leash "all the time."

    I said to her: Did you know that your dogs are required to be leashed? She said: Yes.

    I believe that Animal Control needs to visit this household to explain the leash law and their responsibilities.

  • 493 Columbia Rd Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    Tree pit in front of 493 Columbia Rd is empty. Please plant a tree here.
  • 744-748 Dudley Street Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    This small section of Dudley St is in desperate need of a trash barrel. The newly planted tree used to have a Tree Gator which residents used as a trash barrel. This indicates that residents would use a trash barrell if it were located here. PLEASE put a trash barrel to help out the Upham's Corner business district.
  • 41 Monadnock St Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    Owner is not maintaining his property. Tall grass and weeds spilling out onto the sidewalk
  • Lots need mowing Acknowledged
    1-3 Everett Ave boston, MA - North Dorchester
    The entire block from the intersection of Everett Ave to the private road (Stoughton Place?) consists of two empty lots - 1 Everett Ave and 3 Everett Ave. They are fenced in are rarely maintained. Currently overgrown with weeds that extend out into the sidewalk area. Also trash in the lot including a mattress.
  • 475 Columbia Rd Dorchester, MA - North Dorchester
    Tree pit at 475 Columbia Rd is empty - old tree stump still visible. At least the property owner is filling the space with bark mulch instead of trash
  • 471 Columbia Rd Dorchester, MA - North Dorchester
    Empty tree pit in front of 471 Columbia Rd. This shows a profile of the tree pit and the apartment building.
  • 487 Columbia Rd boston, MA - North Dorchester
    In front of 487 Columbia Rd are two patches of sidewalk that need repair. One surrounds the fire hydrant. The second, near by, is a mystery. Why a square hole in the middle of a patch of concrete?
  • 746 Dudley St dorchester, MA - North Dorchester
    People walking by the tree gator bag around the tree in front of the New Garden restaurant at 746 Dudley St was used it like a trash can for a long time until someone unzipped. Now it is serving no purpose and the whole thing looks really neglected. Could we please remove the bag and use it for a different tree rather than buying a new bag?
  • 740 Dudley St Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    The tree pit in front of El Frutero is empty. Please plant a tree in this location.