Chesnut Charter Elementary School

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Chesnut Charter Elementary School

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  • 4576 N Peachtree Rd. Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    There is incredible traffic backed up on N Peachtree to Tilly Mill every morning, and having travelled this route for more than a decade, there is an obvious cause of much of the traffic which can be remedied without cost or difficulty. The issue is that the crossing guard will always stop traffic whenever anyone comes to cross from either side - regardless of how long ago he/she has stopped traffic . Any traffic control device which allows one direction to cross randomly and at will while stopping the other every few seconds will inevitably lead to terrible backups. The simplest solution would be to direct the crossing guard that he/she must allow cars to travel for at least 45-60 seconds before stopping traffic again. At most, pedestrians would stand on the sidewalk for 40 seconds or so before crossing. At the moment, the guard often stops traffic every 10-20 seconds which impedes any significant traffic flow.
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    4576-4584 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Bike lanes need re-painting & bike lane markers. All along North Peachtree. Recommend thermoplastic.
  • Peachford Road Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody
    Peachford road, along Chesnut school property. DeKalb school district almost never maintains this part of their property. Weeds exceed 18" continuiously. They should be cited by Code Enforcement.
  • 2321-2339 Peachford Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    The grass needs cutting along N. Peachtreee Road and especially along Peachtree Road. This has been an on-going problem for a long time. The School District has ignored this for years.
  • 4555-4561 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    Parents who have dropped their children off at Chesnut, back up traffic past Tilly Mill attempting to turn down Brookhurst in order to turn around. No Thru street signs or a posted officer should be enough to correct this behavior to clear traffic. Perhaps restrict the quantity of parents who can drop children off at school.

    Additionally, perhaps another method of ferrying children safely across N. Peachtree, as traffic is constantly stopped to allow safe crossing.

  • 4576 N Peachtree Rd Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody
    There is a dead phone wire and a dead cable wire. When facing the school, at the left portion of the woods/lawn, they are dangling and creating concern even if they are “safe.”
    Further, the young students shouldn’t be told that they don’t need to worry about it because they may see a live one and not be concerned.
    One of these have been there for 2 years
  • 2299 Peachford Road Shenandoah, GA 30338, United States of America - Dunwoody
    Crossing guard at corner of Peachford and N Peachtree street is directing traffic as well as student crossing. Sat in traffic for 35 minutes to go from Tilly Mill to past Cheasnut. Please have this gentlemen stop directing traffic and let cars flow.
  • 4569 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Pothole in front of the school going north from 285.
  • 4576 N Peachtree Rd Dunwoody 30338, United States - Dunwoody
    Regarding the “no left turn” from N Peachtree into Chesnut Elementary school for traffic purposes. Isn’t this a city or county’s jurisdiction rather than the school’s? We as parents shouldn’t have to police this. The staff of Chesnut should not as well- I would think that’s a big liability.(they don’t do it but I have heard that suggested)
    Please consider either more prominent signs and more enforcement, or
    Please consider allowing the left turn with the stipulation being a traffic officer present to direct cars (this would allow our students from that side of the school the same access that the other side has.
  • Sign Problem Archived
    4561 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    The enhanced crosswalk in front of Chestnut Elementary School is excellent, however there is a red sign in front of part of the yellow arrows & flashing lights (southbound) which cause drivers to not be fully aware of the crosswalk. This has occurred to me on occasion when there is no crosswalk guard and minimal foot traffic. Visibility of ALL the signage for this crosswalk is crucial for pedestrian safety.
  • 2340-2350 Peachford Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    Peachford at Barclay near water valve caved in
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    4602-4622 N Peachtree Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody
    The crossing guard leaves early every day before the school bell even rings leaving some kids to cross the road on their own.