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We're interested in bicycle hazards that can be fixed in order to improve the city's bikeability.

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  • 751 Dekalb Ave Atlanta, GA 30307 - Inman Park
    The Krog Street tunnel has numerous potholes on the right side where cyclists tend to ride, particularly coming up to the light at Dekalb, heading north. The holes need to be filled.
  • bicycle hazards Acknowledged
    252 Boulevard Dr Se Atlanta, GA 30312 - Cabbagetown
    random placing of black "speed bumps" that a cyclist can not "pick a line" through
  • 11th St Ne Atlanta, GA - Atlanta
    No bike lanes on Peachtree or any parallel streets; cyclists need a fast, efficient travel artery too.
  • bicycle hazard Acknowledged
    528 Edgewood Ave Ne Atlanta, GA 30312 - Atlanta
    Business places hazards in bike lane on Edgewood. Cars often parked in bike lane, especially Atlanta police cars opposite Thumb's Up.
  • Highland Ave Ne Atlanta, GA 30308 - Atlanta
    Bike lanes have been removed between Central Park Place and Jackson Street on Highland Ave, apparently being replaced by sidepath that is poorly designed for cyclists (hint: imagine making a turn to the side path from Central Park or to Central Park from the side path). This section of Highland now has narrower traffic lanes.
  • 3995 Club Dr Ne Atlanta, GA 30319 - North Buckhead
    Grate parallell to street
  • 1323 Piedmont Rd Ne Atlanta, GA 30309 - Atlanta
    No bike lanes around park
  • The Prado Ne Atlanta, GA - Ansley Park
    Traffic signals not responding to bicycles at entrances to Piedmont Park, cyclists must wait until a car trips signal or run the red light.
  • Bike Lane Archived
    852 Juniper St Ne Atlanta, GA 30308 - Atlanta
    Why didn't they add bike lanes while they are repaving Juniper?!
  • 1425 Mclendon Ave Ne Atlanta, GA 30307 - Candler Park
    Deadly "traffic calming"island in center of street is a hazard for cars and forces bicyclists into traffic between the stoplights on Mclendon at Candler Park Drive and Oakdale Road.
  • 43 5th St Ne Atlanta, GA 30308 - Atlanta
    The north-side bike lane on 5th St between Peachtree and West Peachtree requires too much dodging of potholes, bumps, and other non-smooth surface issues. Its like an obstacle course!
  • 782 Juniper St Ne Atlanta, GA 30308 - Atlanta
    traffic signal not detecting bikes