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  • 1366 Shepherd Street Northwest Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    This dump is located at the mouth of the alley at the southeast corner of shepherd and 14th st nw DC.
  • Corner Of 4th And New Hampshire Nw Washington, DC - Petworth
    Everyday children, seniors, students and neighborhood residents cannot safely cross the street at 4th and New Hamshire Avenue. There is no traffic light to cross at and the cars refuse to not stop at pedestrian crossing lines. THIS IS AN EXTREME ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!
  • 912-948 Upshur St Nw Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    upshur and georgia nw light timing is bad
  • Sherman Circle Park & Grant Circle Park Washington, DC - Petworth
    The grass in both these circle parks is very high. It's almost imposible to go there with kids and the mosquitoes are out of control. Will the city please cut the grass?
  • 1384-1398 Shepherd Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Petworth

    Motor scooter has been abandoned for at least 15 months. It attracts dumping (there is currently some trash on it) and prevents the grass from being cut.

    It is located at the side of 3933 14th St NW, next to Mark's Market.

    There is also a very old U-lock attached to the telephone pole anchoring wire right by the motor bike's rear wheel -- please remove that too since it also gets in the way of cutting the grass.

  • 24th Street Nw Between Pennsylvania Ave And New Hampshire Ave Nw Washington, DC - Petworth
    DAILY, where K Street NW meets 24th Street NW, the traffic going into and out of the city at rush hour block the intersection, preventing those going north/south on 24th from crossing K, making a left onto K going west. Also, the light on s/b 24th Street turns too fast for those of us going n/b on 24th to make a left onto K Street NW.
  • 1384-1398 Shepherd Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Petworth
    Household trash, furniture, blinds, and construction debris. On Shepherd NW just east of 14th next to the alley.
  • Nw 14th St & Nw Spring Rd Washington, DC 20010, USA - Petworth
    Hard to see in the picture, but both female DC Government employees were talking on their cell phones. One while driving the street sweeper vehicle on 14th street which if I know my laws correctly, is illegal to talk on the cell phone and drive.
  • 3930 14th St Nw Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    Can DCRA check if the owner or agent for 3933 14th St NW possesses a valid DC Landlord License and if the house is over occupied. The location has a large number of individuals reading there and is also generating a significant amount of garbage that is deposited in the can on the corner which further indicates that it is a boarding house.
  • 41-49 Grant Circle Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Petworth
    Crossing Grant Circle during rush hour can be very hazardous as drivers often neglect to yield to pedestrians, as required by DC law, and generally exceed the speed limit as well. I'd like to see some flashing lights at the cross walks and some signage indicating the fine for failure to yield as I have seen elsewhere in the city.
  • 4200 Kansas Avenue Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Petworth
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    4001-4045 Kansas Ave Nw Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    White tennis shoes thrown around wires hanging from utility poles on the east side, 4000 blk of Kansas Ave. NW. Shoes on power lines are often indicative of drug sales and activity and sometimes advertise drug sales.