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Traffic Operations Manager for the City of Roswell Transportation

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  • Nesbit Lakes Drive Roswell, GA - Roswell
    Large pothole at the entrance of Nesbit Lakes Subdivision. At the entrance before you reach the Stop sign.
  • 69 Wood Place Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    We have lived on Wood Place for 2 1/2 years and are long time Roswell residents. In fact my family moved to Roswell in 1966, so I understand more than most the growing and changing in our community. My concern is the walkability of Canton street is becoming very dangerous especially at night with speeding cars and low visibility at the crosswalks. I have personally been nearly missed by speeding cars and also witness cars not stopping for pedestrians daily. I would really feel much safer for all involved if we could have crosswalk signs with blinking lights to alert cars when a pedestrian has pushed a button to cross the street. Canton street is not meant to be a speedway for commuters and I feel that this crosswalk system would go a long way to alleviating that problem. I would hate to see anyone hurt or killed and I think the city really needs to address the problem.
  • 430 Roswell Farms Rd Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    I am reporting 430 Roswell Farms rd for extremely overgrown yard and obstructed driveway, as per Ordinance code Section 8.8.2. and Section 8.8.3.
    His small amount of grass is usually trimmed, but has a great deal of large and overgrown and unkempt plants all over his lawn, and obscuring his entire driveway. This owner has had repeated problems with keeping his plants on his side, as well as being an eye sore for the neighborhood. His house is the only house like this.
  • 9005 Fouts Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    A large area of debris including tires, oil tanks, metal, appliances and other stuff in the woods, possibly on East Roswell Park property. We are not sure if this debris is on park property, city property (Arts Center) or Fouts family property.
  • 428 South Atlanta St. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Used Imports Auto is parking cars on the vacant property at 426 South Atlanta St. on a continuous basis. The attached picture was taken on May 8, 2017 at 2:00 PM.
  • Old Alabama Road Roswell, GA 30022, United States of America - Roswell
    Silt fence breached due to rain and red dirt/silt running to river storm drain.
  • Illegal Signs Archived
    Starbucks Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30076, United States of America - Roswell
    Smashed sign - this has been like this for YEARS.
  • 560 Pine Grove Road Roswell, GA 30075, United States of America - Roswell
    Corner of Lake Charles Dr. and Pinegrove Road. Guardrail and crosswalk button damaged. Looks like a truck cut the corner too short and took out the guardrail and crosswalk button pole.
  • 160 Buckthorn Court Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Never been mowed. Weeds are 10-15 feet high. Trash and construction debris laying around. Can't the city mow it and bill the investor/owner? Here is the contact information:
    MDA Investments
    email is: info@mdainvestments.com
    Address is: 1845 Satellite Blvd, Suite 750 Duluth, Georgia
    Phone # 678-820-0579
  • 950 Canton St Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Behind Roux, 1920 and Mac McGhee's is disgusting! This is only one picture of the trash and debris behind these establishments. There is also a ton of beer caps, cigarette butts and also rats that roam there. The rats were too fast to get a picture of.
  • 1110-1118 Riverside Rd Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Roswell
    Please get this giant Jere Wood sign out of here!
  • East Alley Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Behind EVERY restaurant that backs up to the East Alley, there is trash, dirty mops, towels, cigarette butts and old discards items. It is such a disgrace given the amount of money the city has spent to beautify that area. The owners need to be held accountable to clean up behind their businesses or put up some kind of barrier so that it blocks the view of the items/trash cans etc. There is also a broken water meter cover that needs to be repaired.