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  • Environmental Acknowledged
    880 Maclaren Dr N Palm Harbor, FL, 34684, USA - Palm Harbor
    last year a number of beautiful, healthy trees were removed from 820 MacLaren Drive, Morth, Palm Harbor 34684 and nothing has been done to replace them. Now this year, another group of trees have been marked to be killed by Warner Tree Service through our sub-association's Board of Directors. None of these appear to be in distress, except at they are dropping leaves that upset the residents (who happen to be BOD members). According to my understanding of the ordinances this is not what should be happening.
  • 57 Cypress Drive Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Resident has so many vehicles and RVs that they are constantly blocking the road and causing safety and traffic issues. There are frequently 6-8 vehicles parked at the home in the driveway and on the road. Previously the county installed no parking signs on the side of the road just west of the house the resident was using for parking, so now the resident parks in the road and often blocks or impairs traffic with an overflow of vehicles. This causes numerous traffic issues where only one vehicle at a time can get through, but also safety issues because there are no sidewalks and children are forced to dodge traffic trying to get around all the vehicles parked in the road all the time. There must be some limit to the amount of vehicles that can be parked at a house on a small lot and narrow road. This home is the first one on the only street coming into the neighborhood, so everyone going in and out of the neighborhood is stuck dealing with this situation.
  • 2175-2191 Citrus Hill Rd Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    sidewalk is continuously blocked because of camping trailer. I walk the sidewalks daily and it's annoying when people show disregard the law and persons with disabilities out for a walk.
  • 603 Westwinds Dr Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    we have 16 condos along westwinds drive mine is at 603 westwinds, palm harbor 34683. it is very dark as we have limited street lighting. no sidewalks and we have many walkers etc.. on side of street. my neighbor had her dog run over and killed in front of our buildings last weds night at 10:00. A black jeep ran over her dog, didn't stop, and sped away. Please help this area with some signs, streetlights and patrol as we have many speeding cars through here. Thank you!! - Don Molen
  • 34574 Us Highway 19 N Palm Harbor 34683, United States - Palm Harbor
    Missing sidewalks from US 19 into Beacon Groves.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    3519 E Links Ct Palm Harbo, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Sidewalk is heaved and uneven due to tree on boulevard (recently removed). This is a 55+ development with many seniors utilizing sidewalks including several neighbors dependent upon walkers. This is extremely hazardous with potential for serious injury.
  • 233 19th St Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    Daily occurrence. Trucks blocking sidewalk. Kids riding/walking to school have no choice but to swerve into street. 3 kids on bikes swerved in front of me and I had to stop abruptly not to hit the car coming towards me. So, I went around the block to take pictures and when I came back this child was in the same spot - she saw me and did not come into street, but instead went into homeowner's yard and went between the cars in their driveway. At the same time, the white truck coming towards me turned into that driveway - blocking it even further and surprised he didn't hit her. This is a busy street for the kids trying to get to school. Someone is going to get killed if these inconsiderate homeowners don't stop blocking the sidewalks!
  • 1130 Forest Grove Blvd Palm Harbor, FL - Palm Harbor
    Property has junk/trash everywhere. On grass, sidewalks, driveway, multiple cars that don't run stuffed with junk
  • Road Issue Archived
    3867 Berkshire Ct Palm Harbor, FL, 34684, USA - Palm Harbor
    Charlie continues to block sidewalk with his truck blocking access for the kids and people to walk on the side walk without having to be forced into the road. Police have been out before and notified them they cannot block driveways, mailboxes or sidewalks but they continue todo so.
  • 31650 Us Highway 19 N Palm Harbor, FL, 34684, USA - Palm Harbor


    Please have an officer take a look at 2 issues:

    1. Overgrown area that still needs to be cleared on Pier 1 property
    2. Possible unstable sign that has rotated 45 degrees after recent tropical storm

    John C. Landon, P.E.

    Civil & Environmental Engineers - Planners - Surveyors
    31622 US Highway 19 North
    Palm Harbor, Florida 34684
    Phone: (727) 789-5010, ext. 203, Fax: (727) 787-4394, Cell: (727) 560-0100

  • 631 House Wren Cir Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    This sidewalk was poured a while back and was not floated/poured properly. All the rocks are on top causing a trip hazard and the concrete is so porous it mildews within 3 months generating another $200 expense to have it pressure washed which destroys the concrete even further. This is the worst sidewalk in the neighborhood. It was not poured and floated properly. Overall it was a very poor job. Not only is it unsightly it is a trip hazard as it is crumbling and getting worst. I pay the same taxes as everyone else in this neighborhood but have to deal with the worst sidewalks due to the workmanship that went into them. I am requesting they be removed and replaced to look like everyone else's in the neighborhood. My name is Vince Saporito 631 House Wren Cir Palm Harbor 34683
  • 912 Missouri Ave Palm Harbor 34683 United States - Palm Harbor
    Ever since the county installed sidewalks on Missouri ave the street floods in front of my property and as hundreds of cars and trucks drive and speed by causing waves it either erodes or adds dirt and trash to my property plus there is talk about building 25 homes across the street with the entrance uphill this will cause even more flooding.with the amount of property taxes that I pay every year i would like to see some of it spent around my property . This needs to be fixed before it gets worse due to the heavy traffic Missouri ave was not designed to handle