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6040 43rd Ave N. is a puppy mill. They know the drill and dogs are out when Animal Control is not available. Approximately 50+ dogs in back yard and at times over 25 in front yard loose pen. Gates to backyard are not secure. Pregnant and nursing dogs loose mostly at night and early morning, dog feces are washed down into drainage. At times more than 30 cages are brought to driveway for cleaning and floods and stops up drainage. It's hot; there is 1 small umbrella for dogs in front yard. Th

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  • 6040 43rd Ave. N. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    The people living in this rental are treating this property as if it is an industrial park. They have a fenced dog pound in the front yard where the smell of dog excrement permeates the neighborhood. They will wash their excrement into the street drainage. They park a large flatbed truck with ladders, equipment, etc in the front yard/driveway daily. Occasionally a work, u haul trailer will show up and block part of the street. There is always huge amounts of trash curbside and in the driveway. Although not all homes in our neighborhood are "pristine", the vast majority of us try to maintain a comfortable setting. The main person at this house had notified one of our neighbors in the past that the main reason he chose this house in the county is due to not having to put up with city ordinances. policies, regulations. A real eyesore and smell has been brought into our neighborhood. It is very disgusting to see this daily. Thank you.
  • 6040 43rd Ave. North Kenneth City, Florida - Commission District 7
    This is an update on my Click N Fix. Verifiable with all the dog excrement that gets washed into the street and areas that feed our lake. Our neighborhood needs help with this address.
  • 6074 43rd Ter N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33709, USA - Commission District 7
    I'll spare you the photos but we have one neighbor in our community who walks her large dog and doesn't pick up after it. Do you have lawn signs with the ordinance on it that I can put on my corner lot that will drive home the point that she is obligated to pick up after her dog? Several neighbors have called her out for it so she just avoids those lawns. Thanks!