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Framingham, MA


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There are a lot of Commercial Vehicles that park overnight on Tripp Street. Currently, there is a Tractor Trailer a Car Carrier, a Dump Truck with with a Trailer and a Landscaping Truck. Most of these vehicles have been here for days. The Trucks are also parked on both side of the road so that traffic is reduced to one lane when passing them. One of the trucks has Michigan Plates on it. The Dump Truck belongs to Omar Paving which is registered to Kendall Street in Framingham. The Landscaping truck belongs to Stanley Landscaping. The Car Carrier says K1 Express which looks like it is located in Clinton MA. The Tractor Trailer says Sanum Transportation which says it has an address of Romulus Michigan.

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A. The residents on Tripp Street are tired of seeing these vehicles parked overnight of ten and for long period of times. The word around town is that Tripp Street is the place to park your truck if you need a place to park. Can the City do anything to remove these vehicles and keep them from parking long term like they have been.

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