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This is not an issue report but a huge THANK YOU to Mayor Harp, Steve Fontana, deputy director Economic Development, and Giovanni Zinn, city engineer for helping us on the Whalley Avenue Main Streets Committee and putting in the new sidewalk sections on Whalley Avenue!

The committee went out last winter and walked all of Whalley between Broadway and Pendelton and took pictures and notes of the worst sidewalk sections on the Avenue, prepared a report and presented that to the mayor, who approved the funding to get the sections repaired.

Wanted to highlight this section of sidewalk in front of the Eblen's store as anyone who's ever walked along here knows that for years we've had to deal with a huge lift in the sidewalk from the tree. Not only was it unsightly, but it was dangerous to walk and very difficult to pass here for those with disabilities. Now we have a beautiful smooth sidewalk with room for the tree to grow and it's a much needed step to making the Avenue look better.


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