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Street or Alley Repair Issue


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Proper visible lane markings or fluorescent/reflectors need to be put in. Numerous times while heading in either direction and being in either lane I have had to either swerve/brake suddenly/all out avoid traffic from the opposite direction because they are completely over the yellow ( more non existent) lane markings.
Why did they even put in the right turn lane ?? Drivers still use the forward lane to turn or completely fade into the traffic that's continuing forward.
Please can reflectors or reflective dashes be put in....??
Can the curb by biziks that juts out be trimmed back a little to make the turn lane more driver friendly???
Pleas look into these issues... Thank you for your time

också frågat...
Q. Is this a pothole?
A. No
Q. Please take a picture or enter in the location.
A. intersection of schrage and indianapolis

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