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We live in Bay State Road and we are very happy to see that the renovation work is almost finished. But there are a couple of issues:
People are not respecting the 20 mph drive limit. They are taking this as an alternative to Concord Ave and we see and hear them go around 40 mph, accelerating greatly just after the Field St lot entrance (even when its a curve).

This is an issue because THERE IS NO CROSSWALK at the intersection of Bay State and Birch St (between Field St and New St) which creates a makes for a dangerous combination. There are many people with little kids (and without) crossing at the level Bonny's Garden center to get to Imagine, to the Children's Village and of course to Bonny's. And when they get their flowers at Bonny's they have to cross back with their hands occupied, evading cars. Some cars reduce their speed when they see people trying to cross, but most of them don't and that is just an accident waiting to happen.

What can we do about this, please?

Traffic calming or an additional crosswalk at the intersection with Birch St and Bay State (or further down closer to the apartments at 42-50 Bay State Rd) should be options on the table. I won't even talk about the noisy Harley motorcycles at 6 am, but talking for all the people with kids it is worrying to see that this street is becoming a highway due to these high speed, infringing cars...

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