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Traffic (Safety and Speeding)


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The crossing from the Train Station to Exchange Street, and the subsequent first block on Exchange, is a dangerous mess that ought to be remedied immediately.

Please consider:

1. Prohibiting vehicular traffic on Exchange from Commercial Street to wherever both sides of the street have a sidewalk from, say, 8-9:30AM and 4-6:30PM M-F.

2.Prohibiting all vehicular standing and pick-up/drop-off at the corner of Exchange and Commercial until 2 sidewalks are available then.

3. Painting a crosswalk across Exchange Street at the western corner of Exchange and Jackson.

4. Placing a MPD vehicle and officer near the jersey barrier across from the T but facing toward Rt. 60 (i.e., parked against traffic) to monitor.

At evening rush hour, many drivers block the intersection while pedestrians briefly have the walk-light. Sometimes they even driving slowly right THROUGH the red light as pedestrians attempt to cross! MBTA buses are also offenders. Sometimes they encroach on pedestrians rather than just wait 15 seconds to get through the light and turn into the station busway. Cars double park on the southeast corner, blocking pedestrian access to the sidewalk and waiting to pick up passengers from the T.

Perhaps that's all old news, but with the construction and pedestrian crowding, the negative impact on walking near the T is much worse than before.

The one sidewalk on Exchange is often jammed because it has narrow stretches that get completely blocked by normal, unavoidable use, e.g., parent going slowly with a double stroller, person moving slowly due to mobility issue, people stopped briefly outside the daycare, people carrying parcels...whatever.

Meanwhile, you step off the sidewalk into the narrow driving corridor at your own risk. Some drivers, maybe upset that they had to navigate the crowds of pedestrians back at the corner, accelerate quickly, to dangerous speeds for such a narrow, packed space.

I notice that Exchange Street is fully blocked to traffic when the construction company needs better access. Residents should be afforded the same consideration and safety every day.


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