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zoning, road safety


There is a towing business that is illegal - required to be in IH zoning with a Special Use permit - this is CX zoning and they started this about 3-4 years ago. Torres Towing came into a previous auto repair shop in about 2015. This is a neighborhood entry street and they have tow trucks parked in the street, across the street and at the street to Tivoli Gardens Apts. They are always blocking the street with vehicles and have stored vehicles all over the place with no license plates. It is a mess and very dangerous - I was almost hit by a tow truck just leaving my neighborhood on New Year's Day!!! This is a public nuisance and a safety concern - not to mention - NOT A PERMITTED USE at this location. Obviously they did not get City permits to do this - just started doing it with the other businesses there. There are 4 tenants in the building and this business takes up every square inch of land (and the business next door's parking lot) with stored/unlicensed vehicles which requires a Special Use permit and Limited Outdoor Storage permit. They have neither of these. STOP this ILLEGAL business! Please!


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