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Cambridge, MA


Traffic Sign Complaint


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8:45AM on Monday, Feb 11.
A 2-man work crew is working high up on a pole next to the intersection of Mass Ave and Amherst st. They are not working in the bike lane, but they have set out 3 cones across the very end of the bike lane, just by the stop line. There is no signage, no indication that bike lane is ending and bikes are supposed to take main lane. The workers claim to be adding a sign but 1) they are working high up on a pole - why not put an actual barrier and a sign on a level where cyclists can see it? and 2) why on earth is a lane of traffic being blocked during commuting hours? When I rolled through, there was no reason to have cones there - no equipment, no vehicles parked in bike lane. Workers got salty when many cyclists rolled through the cones - what did they expect? Put up actual safe signage if you are going to unexpectedly block a bike lane.

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