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Sidewalk - Damage Acknowledged

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Sidewalk - Damage


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The correct address is 4212 Terrace Street.
This is my third report.
The tree roots from the tree (60 feet tall) planted on the sidewalk curbside has raised the entire width of the concrete walk at a 30 degree angle making it very difficult to walk on. In addition the damp leaves that cover the sloping sidewalk makes it slippery. Several weeks ago I was walking down the street and slipped on the damp leaves slamming my right shoulder against the tree trunk and bruised my shoulder. It was very painful and it took a long time to heal. I am a senior, 80 years old. Several years ago a branch broke off striking the roof on a parked car, totaling the car.
I would much appreciate if you would assess the hazard. This curb is dangerous and it qualifies it as being a extreme safety hazard that needs your prompt attention.
Also please look at the tree in front of 4213 Terrace Street.
Thank you.

also asked...
Q. Is there a tree nearby with roots that may be the cause?
Q. Has anyone been hurt by it?
Q. Please describe the precise location (e.g., next to the bus bench)
A. 4212 Terrace Street


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