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Illegal Dumping - debris, appliances, etc. Acknowledged

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Illegal Dumping - debris, appliances, etc.


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There is extensive amounts of trash including furniture and debris that is being dumped at/along the homeless encampment which is underneath Bart rail and above/along the tunnel on San Leandro Blvd. The dumping is strewn along San Leandro Blvd towards San Leandro Bart station. It is creating a severe health hazard as the trash, furniture, and debris are collecting water and rotting. Additionally, there is a serious safety hazard with trash and debris being dropped over the railing and into the tunnel. Debris in tunnel creates safety hazards for vehicles, as there is no room to drive around. PLEASE do not ignore this issue, thank you.

also asked...
Q. Is this illegal dumping related to a homeless encampment?
Q. Are there mattresses?
Q. Are there appliances?
Q. Are there tires?
A. Don't Know / No Answer
Q. Are there additional materials?
A. piles of trash
Q. Are the dumped materials in the middle of the roadway BLOCKING through traffic in a traffic lane?
A. Yes - Please stop and call 510-615-5566 (potential
Q. Are the dumped materials located on public or private property?
A. Don't Know / No Answer
Q. Did you see the person when they were dumping the materials?
A. No
Q. Would you be willing to talk to the City Attorney's Office to help hold the dumper(s) accountable?
A. Don't Know / No Answer

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