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From about 3:45 to 5:30 pm every day, this intersection is backed up, and vehicles jump the light and remain in the pedestrian crosswalk, which is equally heavily traversed by workers leaving work who walk and don't drive. Some pedestrians walk behind the cars, some in front, some cars attempt to back up hitting them, some move forward, and havoc ensues b/c vehicles attempting to drive north or turn on right on Trumbull feel enraged the intersection is blocked, and then cars jockey all with many pedestrians trying to navigate what appears to be adult bumper cars. A DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION sign should be placed across from Phelps Triangle park, and/or a police man directing traffic from 4 to 5 would help. The last two weeks it has been treacherous for pedestrians to cross there and many have had close calls. Drivers sitting and idling in crosswalks should also be ticketed. This is an injury or fatality ready to happen!

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Q. Please identify the intersecting streets (if applicable).
A. Trumbull Street 7 Whitney Avenue
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A. Walk Signal

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