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For weeks, there have been "encampments" of youth with dogs who hold up signs for money or sit or sleep on the sidewalk with all of their belongings spread out until some of them go sleep in the park where they leave trash and human and animal feces. They are also blocking the sidewalks in some places, and pouring piles of dog food on the sidewalks (see photo) where it draws rats later. The dogs are in extreme heat panting and looking miserable much of the time. It's hot for the people as well, but they have some choice in the matter or can go to the library and such to cool down when the dogs can't. The dogs are also used to solicit money. Is Animal protective services checking on these dogs and what can be done to address the blocked sidewalks, trash, and people setting up camps where pedestrians are trying to walk?Though our councilman continues to do exactly nothing about anything, and the Mayor's Office has abandoned us and our issues go unaddressed, we are still a neighborhood. This wouldn't be tolerated in most other areas of the city.


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