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JCMUA: Water/ Sewer/ Flooding/Sinkhole Issues


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Work was done about 9 months ago in the street on the sewer line is since then whenever it rains the houses at 112 1 10 and 1 0 8 beach street all flood when it rains.
Sewer needs to be cleaned out to try to stop the flooding. Sewer is in front of 106 beach street there is also a fire hydrant there to ensure that no one will park over it.

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Q. Please check all that apply:
A. Flooding
Q. If Clogged Catch Basin Selected, Please specify the issue.
A. No Answer Given
Q. Does Catch Basin Flood During periods of rain?
A. Yes
Q. Date incident began?
A. About 6vweeks ago.
Q. What type of property does this issue affect (please select all that apply):
A. Street, Other
Q. Is it raining or does this issue occur only during/after rainfall?
A. Yes


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