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Mead St residents need protection from rush hour drivers Acknowledged

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Drivers around rush hour (3pm-8pm) are recklessly driving down Mead st every day often cutting into the wrong lane on Walden st towards mass ave to cut past traffic. Multiple times today alone I was at risk of being hit both as a driver and a pedestrian. They swing around the corner with no visibility often at an inappropriate speed. It is a two way street only large enough for one car at a time and as a resident it becomes unsafe to drive up the street towards Walden st (the opposite direction from these reckless drivers). Exiting driveways is also extremely unsafe, I was almost killed while exiting a driveway today by a car that raced down the street and stopped barely a foot away from hitting me while I was still perpendicular to the road while backing out. He had to go around me because he didn't give me enough space to straighten out and even get close to making room for him to pass appropriately. This street is not equip to handle this kind of traffic. There are children living on this street and it is terrifying for 5 hours of the day. There was a cop placed in front of the street once but had no impact by the next week. What is needed is a sign for residents only even just for the afternoon. PLEASE HELP! This is really really scary and nothing has been done despite my own as well as other complaints I've heard being made by others.

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