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Please extend the left turn lane on McIntosh Rd. traveling southbound at Clark Rd. in Sarasota.
As I drive south on McIntosh Rd to make a left turn onto Clark Rd, the left turn lane only has room for 3 or 4 cars. However, because of the Florida Power & Light facility, the Cemex cement company, and other industrial commerce located north of the intersection, the left turn lane is often occupied by their trucks, leaving other vehicles to either wait on top of the yellow lines, or in the single southbound lane, blocking those who want to turn right. (Often, impatient right-turners try to go around me by driving in the dirt on the side of the road). Please consider adjusting the road markings to extend the left turn lane to be able to accommodate more trucks & vehicles. Also, please consider widening McIntosh Rd. into additional lanes to ease the congestion north of Clark Rd. Thank you.

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Q. What street is the issue on?
A. McIntosh Rd
Q. What is the nearest cross street?
A. Clark Rd
Q. What direction are you traveling?
A. South

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