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Please make Hillegass a Slow Street!

I live on the corner of 63rd and Hillegass and we have a lot of foot traffic crossing here and at 62nd to get to the businesses on College Avenue. However, drivers routinely speed too fast down Hillegass and rarely come to a full stop (and some barely slow down) at the intersections, which are not marked for pedestrian crossing even though they are used heavily. The intersections at Alcatraz and Claremont are also dangerous for pedestrians.

This problem got significantly worse after the College/Claremont Safeway reopened and with driving apps like Google Maps and Waze directing drivers on to Hillegass in order to avoid College/Claremont slow down. Declaring Colby a Slow Street has been a boon to our neighborhood but unfortunately it has also forced some additional car traffic onto Hillegass, exacerbating the problem.

Please consider making Hillegass a Slow Street. It is a residential street that is being treated as a traffic artery by drivers to get from Claremont to Alcatraz and who are making it unsafe for people who live here and want to travel on foot or by bicycle.

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Q. What's your feedback regarding slow streets?
A. I like the program but want to make Hillegass a Slow Street as well as Colby. They are both residential streets with lots of pedestrian and bike traffic.
Q. Choose the corridor for which you're providing feedback
A. Colby St (Woolsey St to Claremont Ave)


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