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To my neighbor on Boylston Street (who unfortunately I do not know) who just posted 11 minutes ago showing the photo of the rat waiting to be picked up. I am so with you. Many of us have called, written, etc. I saw two in my back yard alive (and I don't even have a barrel let alone trash around) and one dead in front of my house on Harvard and one one the side of my house on Henry. Not to be graphic, but the dead ones lying there covered with flies. Very healthy. If it is the road construction that make National Grid put black boxes up and down the street. If nobody knows the exact reason, then we need the City to put black boxes up and down the streets the way they do in other cities at the same time to stop this problem. I have lived here over twenty years and I agree with you I have NEVER seen a rat. We need a neighborhood meeting with the City officials. This is out of control and every single day it is getting worse. I ask all the time for whoever is monitoring this page to leave it open for comments from other neighbors but you continually close it. Please leave it open. NOT SO WE CAN BEAT UP THE CITY OFFICIALS. Please leave it open in case someone has some input that will be helpful to a resolution or maybe someone has an idea what the problem is. What I am hoping is that the City will schedule a meeting and neighbors will see it on Seeclickfix so we can all attend. This is not a little problem and it is the whole neighborhood.


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