City of Richmond--Sherwood Park

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Watching issues created after: 2011-09-12

Notified About

  • 3000 Westwood Ave Richmond, VA 23227 - Sherwood Park
    All lights are out in the underpass where 64 goes over Westwood Avenue (RICHMOND, 23227). This is a
    graffiti-prone area.
  • Bike Lane Archived
    1210-1224 West Brookland Park Boulevard Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
    Designated bike lanes are still being used by cars.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    1402 Wentbridge Road Richmond Virginia - Sherwood Park
    The entire alley way is riddled with potholes. The area behind 1402 - 04 are the worse.
  • 3320 Chatham Road Richmond, VA - Sherwood Park
    Huge potholes in the alley next to 3320 Chatham road.
    8 homes use this alley to access their homes.
  • Hermitage Road Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
    The potholes right under I95 on Hermitage near Robin Hood Rd are getting nearly impossible to maneuver around when heading south. There is also a VERY deep pothole (resembling a small sinkhole, to be honest) that is on the northbound side, right around Wentbridge and Hermitage.
  • Potholes Archived
    1200 Brookland Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
    Heading west on Brookland Parkway, there are about six significant potholes in the block from Brook Rd. to Robin Hood Rd. In order to avoid them, it is necessary to encroach on the bike lane to the right.
  • 1324 Brookland Pkwy Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
  • 1208 Brookland Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
    A bunch of lumpy patch jobs has now become a series of dangerous potholes, lumps & broken road surface in the left lane of Brookland Parkway near Brook Road headed towards North Boulevard.
  • 1222 Whitby Road Richmond, VA - Sherwood Park
    Overgrown tree roots have caused DAMAGE ; Retaining Wall has become unsafe due to damage caused by overgrown tree roots; SIDE WALK is OFF SET; creating a TRIPPING HAZARD.
    Do not contact Tenants; contact Owner; noted below.
  • 3210-3398 Brook Road Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
    How long are the cones going to block brook rd?
  • 1200 Whitby Road Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
    1200 Whitby Road is in an R-3 Residential Zone but is being used as an office and work-out center by a home cleaning company. Multiple cars are parked on the street in front of other homes and bicycles are chained to traffic signs. Materials relating to the business are stored outside in plain view.
    The owner of the property does not reside there.
  • 3311 Suffolk Rd Richmond, VA - Sherwood Park
    dangerous heaved sidewalks on both sides of alley at intersection of Suffolk. I tripped and fell on a heaved section tonight. You cannot see it. Someone is going to be seriously injured.