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  • 2802 Hanes Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    Unresolved. Still open with foliage growing on edifice. Abandoned cars in back yard. Rodents living in house.
  • 2209 4th Ave Richmond, VA, 23222, USA - Highland Park Southern Tip
    This property has an overflow of trash everywhere. The recycle bin has plastic bags holding recycle items but the truck won't pick it up because of the plastic. It Stinks because it's been there sooooo long! There is even a bag of trash that someone threw up on the power lines about 3-mos ago & it's just dangling there and a car tire has been abandoned. It appears that they just open their back door and sling bags of trash out onto the yard. Trash blows everywhere because the animals scratch it open and it lands up ends up in my yard! This is an ongoing problem at this property. My last issue report #4560075 was on June 13, 2018 and nothing has really changed. It just piles up. One day, I caught a small boy in the upstairs unit trying to burn his trash in a mesh waste basket in the yard. He was going to just put the burning ashes in the waste bins full of trash without first putting water on it & told him this should not be done. This is becoming a hazard! Please help! This is disgusting.
  • 105 Overbrook Rd Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    Grass has not been cut this year. It's waist high.
  • 2100 4th Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Highland Park Southern Tip
    vacant house. grass is almost two feet high
  • 2408 Barton Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    It is almost May and this yard has not been cut at all this year. It is an eye sore and bringing down the block's value. Tenants either don't own a mower or are just too lazy to use it. They're renters and I'm sure it's not a big deal to them, but it is to many of the homeowners on the block.
  • 107 Overbrook Rd Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    We have experienced several large tree limbs falling with previous storms. Attached photos are of the limbs which fell as a result of the January 6, 2019 snow storm. I am requesting that the trees are trimmed before they cause exterior damage to residences. These old trees need maintenance.
  • 2219 5th Ave Richmond, VA, 23222, USA - Highland Park Southern Tip
    There are two Commerical Work Vehicles that are being parked on my residential street. This prevents residents with normal size vehicles from having enough available parking. The people with these Commerical Work Vehicles also park their personal large pick-up trucks and large SUV trucks on the same street. At times, this looks like a storage lot from the lack of movement so everyone has a chance to park. This creates little to no parking spaces for the rest of us. This situation creates a "Industrial Park" type environment. In time, I expect it will affect all of our property values. Already, angry words were exchanged between one of my neighbors and the offending parties. This is causing hostilities & wearing thin on the law abiding & courteous neighbors who I feel are being bullied by these "parking hogs".
  • 3617 Florida Ave Richmond, VA, 23222, USA - North Highland Park
    Several large potholes in the 3600 Block of Florida Avenue that needs repair as soon as possible. Thanks
  • North + Laburnum Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Edgewood
    3' x 1' x 1' pothole @ North & Laburnum destroyed my front right tire & wheel.
  • 105 W Brookland Park Boulevard - Northern Barton Heights
    There are stairs under this huge growth of poison ivy. This needs to be removed and disposed of.
  • potholes Archived
    914 Young St Richmond, VA 23222, USA - North Highland Park
    numerous potholes at and near this intersection.
  • 3223 Griffin Ave Richmond 23222, United States - Edgewood
    I have called the city numerous times since the summer- and the lake just keeps growing- City has not fixed!