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  • 604 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    County allows this property to continue renting by the week, quickly "archiving" valid complaints about this illegal rental all the while leaving frivolous neighboring issues pending. 604 Avenida de Mayo is supposed to be a single family home with 30 day minimum lease.
  • 604 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    For the last 3 weekends there has been a revolving door at this location. This weekend, there are cars, a dozen of people walking around and making noise. When will Sarasota County make this reckless homeowner accountable for his illegal actions? This is not allowed and Sarasota Beach neighbors have had enough. Please do something about this.
  • 685 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota Florida - Siesta Key
    Michael Sprout is the new sheriff in town however he still leaves his garbage way into thursday during the day...I snapped this photograph at 4:30 on Thursday when trash should be picked up on Wednesday. It is creating a foul smell and is attracting many other siesta key rats.
  • 622 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    622 Avenida de Mayo (but states 624 on the mailbox) has been renting illegally for the past 5 weeks. Cars, garbage, and people coming and going in this single family residential neighborhood. Only 1 month rentals are allows and clearly this is not the case. This home has had an issue renting illegally and illegal permitting done since we can remember. Cant you guys do something to stop the Homeowner who clearly defies the rules?
  • 617 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, Florida - Siesta Key
    Homeowner, Mike Cosentino at the above property consistently has his property in disarray. Currently, there are boats and work trailers at his residence which is unsightly in our neighborhood. His home is in disrepair and trucks and cars are always blocking the street. Please have him clean up his unsightly home and move boats and trailers. It is an eyesore and our neighborhood is tired of looking at it. No one wants to confront Homeowner due to his bully nature.
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    100 Beach Rd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    County must remove the bollards blocking Beach Road, previously reported and archived without action.
  • 604 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, Florida - Siesta Key
    After continuous complaints and defying Code Enforcement authorities, homeowner continues to rent out Home on a nightly and weekly basis. Homeowner and his illegal Renters have no regard to neighborhood zoning laws. It is causing a disruptive quality of life for all in Sarasota Beach. Will followup with pictures of all illegal renters as reported previously.
  • 605 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Please contact this owner who not only disobeys county rules about renting but NEEDS MORE GARBAGE PAILS! So many renters per week jammed in there!
  • 604 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    A constant problem at this address. Although owner is selling property and has been fined by the County and has outstanding liens that have not been paid - but he is making $$ by renting out illegally this home in single family residential neighborhood where only 1 month rentals are allowed only. You should add interest to this homeowner's paperwork and maybe get the point
  • 582 Commonwealth Lane Siesta Key, Florida - Siesta Key
    Construction site fill dirt is washing into storm water drain and into the Grand Canal . No silt fencing of filtering sock on site. Raining are washing dirt/sand into the Grand Canal
  • 5148 Ocean Blvd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Solorzano has his A-sign out on the sidewalk. He apparently puts it out at night when code enforcement is not around. Why are you not enforcing this code, are you afraid of him? Can you start enforcing the code?
  • 70 Avenida Veneccia Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Are theses signs permitted? Also they are political and the election was over in November!